Hi there!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, my name is Kristine, and I am a young weaver, hatchling activist, and general crafty/home making person. I am very interested in all sorts of crafts, especially from the viking age, but also anything which has to do with sustainability and self-sustained living.

I hold an Msc in Envionmental Chemistry and Toxicology, and am also passionately interested in fairtrade, justice, organic produce and environmental issues. My greatest dream is to live in an off-the-grid house which leaves no carbon footprint, and to spend my time gardening, crafting and helping others and the environment.

My specialty, especially related to viking age reenacting and crafts, would have to be weaving in general, but card weaving in particular. It was my first love when I started to get into reenacting, and it has stayed with me ever since. I try to answer any questions with regards to weaving as well as I can, but I am often terrible at taking WIP pictures and explaining my process. Still, I try.

If you don’t want to comment on this page, I can be easily reached by mailing ritsenki(at)gmail.com or through this form: