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The past week I got bit by the hat bug, and with all the decent sized scraps I’ve got lying around, I decided to give it a shot. With the help of a super-awesome youtube tutorial by the great people at http://www.lastwear.com/ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPaFTZDTeWA), I was able to adjust the pattern until I finally got a model I felt satisfied with. I did go through quite a few tries until I landed on the one I liked though. Tries affectionally referred to as “hat corpses”.

The finished model had a lot less “pouf” than the LastWear model, only six panels as opposed to eight and a lining at the bottom.

It is a very quick and easy model, using thick vliseline to stiffen the brim since cardboard would wrinkle after a rainfall. My lovely landlady was kind enough to stand model for the so-far finished version. =)

I’ve always liked hats, and these were especially popular. I’ve finally found a fun and easy project to use spare woolen (or other) scraps for!

If anyone is curious, this is the pattern pieces I ended up with for the version above (3 because it was the third pattern draft). One for the hat pieces and one for the brim. All other parts were just drafted on the spot and approximately. I’m lazy that way.