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Did this more or less to test if it was possible to weave with 16/1 linen yarn, but also because the colours are gorgeous. As expected, sadly, it was quite messy, with more and more threads breaking on the way, I understand why most stick to 16/2 linen yarn.

Luckily I didn’t order this yarn to weave with, but to embroider. With some tweaks I am hoping short bands could be possible though. New cards with holes which won’t tear as much on the yarn for instance.

This is a double rams horn with pattern taken from http://www.steinmaus.de/Mittelalter/weben/muster/schnurbindung/muster102.html , I would’ve loved to line the cuffs of my viking dress with this, but with all the breakage that is impossible, there’s always hope for later though.

This piece is 1.9cm wide and (trial and error included) 32cm long.

I still love the colours.