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After receiving a great deal of positive feedback on the first 17th of may ribbon, I decided to make another one. I only had enough yarn for a ribbon of half the width, but that worked just fine for its intended purpose.

10 hours of weaving later, and I had 1.2m of finished ribbon, barely 1cm wide. My landlady got half of it to make a ribbon, and I used the other half to make a ribbon for myself. An adorable polar bear button from the local sewing shop made the perfect focal point, and a small safety pin attaches it to a garment.

In other news, while I was home for Easter, my grandmother wanted me to make her a pair of thick socks. She loves colors dearly, but most wool types make her itch terribly. A yarn mix of 40% wool / 60% alpaca which her wrist warmers were also made of did not itch at all, so I took no risks and used the same yarn for her socks. Knowing my grandmother, she would love a pair in striking pink, but that was not available. Purple, however, was.

She was very happy when she received them in the mail, and luckily (after some hints from my mother) they fit perfectly. The only regret I have about these ones, is that I learned a much prettier technique for stripes, just after completing these. I’ll probably have to make another pair at a later point. =)