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Another piece for the 17th of May outfit. Because I do live quite far north, you never know how May will be, and a cape is a neat addition to an outfit if it turns out to be “one of those years”. This is made with the same thin, black wool from tekstil.no which I made the skirt from, and laced with the same green silk noil which I also laced the vest with.

Big hood, because it’s neat, and the same buttons I’ve used both on the skirt and vest (and which I am now all out of!).

Quite easy to just unbutton the top button and fold the hood down, if it was not that cold after all.

Although unusual for a cape, I made two welted pockets on the inside. I’m not sure I will use them a whole lot, but I do like to have the option. One can never have too many pockets!

The back is simple and straight, which is unusual for me since I usually like everything to become longer and end in a diamond at the back, but for once I decided not to. Round all the way.

A slightly more closeup photo of how I did the inside and the pockets.

Now all that is left is the small bag and possibly the shirt if I can find the time, money and most importantly; the right fabric! =)