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This was a quick (“only” about 4-5 hours) test with regular embroidery yarn (DMC) to see if the relieff in a vacant hole weave would show off the weft colour if the weft colour was different from the warp. I also got to see how thin embroidery yarn works for card weaving. To be honest it works very well! It only ripped when I started pulling quite hard on the weft, and the result is thin, light and strong. The weft colour does not show much at all though, so I am glad I tested beforehand.

One thing about this sort of weaving… it is tiny! This little thing is barely 5mm wide, yet I used 20 cards! This piece is 32cm long, and I could’ve gone on for a few more cm. But I’m guessing no more than 40cm at most can be woven with one regular embroidery yarn, using 20 cards and the vacant hole technique.

I’m thinking of making one in darker green and gold for my ivy brocade vest. But for that I’ll need more yarn first. =)