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Another piece for the outfit for 17th of May!

This is the piece of fabric which started it all I suppose, I found this gorgeous, gorgeous piece of ivy brocade in the local fabric shop when I went home last Christmas, and I just couldn’t resist it and I knew exactly what to do with it! I had been looking for a fabric like this and not found one, until then! And it had to be mine although very expensive (which is why I only bought 0.5m).

Side view of the fabric. The blitz is catching onto the fabric really well as you can see, but the fabric really is black with green and gold ivy ranks. Barely visible in the top left corner is the nice green raw silk (silk noil) I used for the inside lining, which is very comfortable to wear and very easy to work with.

And a back view. Because my amount of fabric is limited (and I want to make a small pouch with the scraps as well), and because the ivy brocade could get overpowering, my landlady managed to convince me to use shiny black duchesse for the back, and I must admit it works very well and I am very pleased with it.

Lastly a wee closeup of the fabric, which looks much more like it really does on this image, the buttons, and the welted pockets, which I had never made before! I did sew a test pocket on a different fabric first, but after that, straight onto the real deal!

There are still some minor fixed to be done to this vest, like moving the button holes a bit further in, but all in all I am very pleased with it all, and now on wards to the cape and the pouch! =)