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A week in the making!

This is the skirt of an outfit which I am planning to make for 17th of May (and other big days). With it there will also be a vest in this awesome ivy-brocade I found this Christmas, a white shirt, ankle high black boots and a cape with a hood in case of cold weather. The skirt and cape will be in the same thin, black wool (English cloth, from tekstil.no). I like this wool a lot, and I think it fits very well for such a big garment. It is thin, light weight and easy to work with, yet warm and cozy like wool often is. All in all: Yay! =)

Most of the work on this one was done last week, with the green silk border stitched by hand being the most time consuming part. I’ve been fiddling with it after coming home all week, and when that was finished it was a quick ordeal to make button holes and sew on a pair of buttons to hold it all together. I will use the same buttons for the vest and cape.

All in all I am very happy with this skirt. I am not entirely sure what I was expecting, but I’m pretty sure this is better. It is a perfect length, fits well and is very comfortable to wear. It falls well and I have plenty of room for long strides if I so wish it.

Roughly 2.4m fabric of 140cm length was used for this skirt, though only around 100cm of the width was used.